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The most advanced Medical Alert System on the market today.

Less Than $1 A Day

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These new medical alert systems are light-weight, discreet, and the smallest on the market today. You will hardly notice when you are wearing one around your neck or on your wrist. With its easy-to-use design and long-lasting durability, it really is as simple as it sounds: Just Push!




Anytime, day or night, as soon as you activate the medical alarm, you are immediately connected to a live operator. These highly trained professionals will stay on the line and continue to assist you until help arrives.




There is no greater assurance for you and your loved ones than knowing that help will arrive within minutes of pressing the easy-to-find button. Qualified, experienced EMT's will quickly arrive and be able to assist you with any needs.

Medical Alert Systems

Lanyard, Belt Clip or Wrist Strap.

Medical Alert System Actual Size These new Medical Alert Systems come with 3 convenient accessories for carrying the pendant.

Wear the device around your neck, for convenient, no-hassle carry.

Belt Clip
Slide the monitor into the belt clip giving you the hands-free capability you require but still keeping the device unnoticeable and discreet.

Wear these light-weight devices on your wrist like a watch. Also, the wrist-strap can a be used as a way to attach the medical device to a wheelchair.

Choose the method that best suits you and your needs.

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  • 2-way Voice Communication
  • Smallest on the market
  • Long Range (hundreds of feet from base station)
  • Water-resistant (can take in the shower)
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Wireless
  • User-friendly (one button to push)
  • 24 hours standby battery power

There are several features that these personal alarms have that many competitors don’t. They were designed with the user in mind: Convenience, 2-way communication, discreet, less bulky, easy to use. These pendants combine convenience with modern technology by joining wireless capabilities with a small, light-weight medical system.

More Features

Less Than $1/day

You can get these advanced medical alarms that utilize the most recent technology for less than $1 a day.
Do not let something bad happen to you or those you love before you choose to get a medical alert device.
Receive the confidence and peace-of-mind you deserve today.

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Testimonials and Video

This little device has taken my fear and worry away about my Mom. Now I am confident that she is not alone and has help ready at the push of a button.Carol N.

I no longer have to worry about what I’m doing around the house. I don’t have to be afraid that I will fall and nobody will be there to help me. As long as I have this little device on I feel like I’m free to live my life again.Brit W.

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